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Empire Apartment Hotel Backs Local Talent

Empire Apartment Hotel Backs Local Talent
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Riverfront Destination for the Modern Traveller

The heart of Rockhampton’s CBD is thriving with the newest addition of the Empire Apartment Hotel. Strategically located along the Riverfront Precinct, the hotel offers stunning views of the Fitzroy River, Mount Archer, and Rockhampton City.

Its prime location provides easy access to the bustling East Street shopping mall, making it a prime destination for visitors seeking a luxurious stay in the heart of the city.

A Hub for Local Events and Culture

Beyond its stunning views and amenities, the Empire Apartment Hotel is actively engaged with the local community.

As a major sponsor of the Queensland Schools Championship Regatta held in Rockhampton from 14 to 16 September, the hotel supports local sports and youth activities.

This partnership showcases the hotel’s commitment to enriching the community and bolstering the region’s cultural and economic vitality.

The Australian Market Connection

The Empire Apartment Hotel’s contributions resonate beyond the local scene.

As Rockhampton evolves into a significant hub for tourism and commerce in Australia, the hotel’s dedication to supporting local events and offering exceptional hospitality aligns with the broader goals of boosting the region’s prominence within the national market.

This alignment demonstrates the hotel’s ability to enhance the appeal of Rockhampton as a must-visit destination for both domestic and international travellers.

The Empire Apartment Hotel’s presence in Rockhampton’s Riverfront Precinct and its support for local events highlight its pivotal role in the region’s growth.

This modern addition not only provides visitors with exceptional accommodation but also supports the community’s journey towards a vibrant future.