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Rockhampton Set to Host Prestigious Queensland Schools Championship

Rockhampton Set to Host Prestigious Queensland Schools Championship
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Rowing Queensland’s Premier Event to Grace the Fitzroy River

Rockhampton is gearing up to become the heart of Queensland’s rowing scene as it prepares to host the prestigious Queensland Schools Championship Regatta in 2024 and 2025.

With over 800 athletes from across the state and an anticipated 3,000 visitors annually, this event is set to make waves, drawing attention not just to the sport but also to the thriving Rockhampton region.

A Sporting Legacy Continues

Known for its rich history in rowing, Rockhampton has previously welcomed the Australian Rowing Team and hosted various state and national rowing events, including the Queensland Schools Championships, on multiple occasions.

Mayor Tony Williams highlights the event’s significant impact, with 90% visitation from outside the region, underscoring its role in boosting sporting tourism and the local economy.

Regional Growth and Community Spirit

Rowing Queensland’s CEO, Matt Bialkowski, emphasises the championships’ role in fostering regional growth and accessibility to the sport.

Councillor Cherie Rutherford echoes this sentiment, emphasising the pride and community spirit these events instil, especially among local rowers, who showcase their dedication and talent to family and friends.

Economic Boost and Sporting Appeal

Zac Garven, Tourism and Events Manager at Advance Rockhampton, underscores the substantial economic benefit this spectacle brings, positioning Rockhampton as a preferred destination for sporting events.

The return of this premier regatta to the Fitzroy River delights Sarah Black, President of the Rockhampton Fitzroy Rowing Club, who highlights the city’s fantastic rowing venue and its central location.

A Calendar Highlight

The State Schools Championships, scheduled during the September school holidays in 2024 and 2025 at the Rockhampton Ski Gardens, promise not only exhilarating races but also an opportunity for the city to shine on a national sporting stage.

As Rockhampton readies itself to welcome rowers and families from across Queensland, the anticipation for this premier event is building, promising not just thrilling races but a showcase of Rockhampton’s sporting prowess and hospitality.