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Women Reshaping Queensland’s Resources Sector

Women Reshaping Queensland's Resources Sector
Image courtesy of Facebook | Women in Mining and Resources Queensland

Rockhampton Celebrates Inclusion and Success in Mining

In a groundbreaking shift, the Queensland Resources Council (QRC) reports a remarkable 40% surge in women occupying trade positions within the state’s resources sector.

Currently constituting 13% of all trade roles, this surge signals a seismic change in the traditionally male-dominated industry.

Diverse Roles, Diverse Gains

New industry data indicates that nine out of ten women engaged in the resources sector are now employed in ‘non-traditional’ roles such as engineering, environmental science, data analysis, production supervision, and management positions.

This data was revealed alongside the announcement of finalists for the annual Resources Awards for Women, a collaboration between QRC and Women in Mining and Resources Queensland (WIMARQ).

Thriving in a Booming Industry

Judy Bertram, the acting CEO of QRC, asserts that this surge provides an unprecedented opportunity for women to secure well-paid jobs in Queensland’s thriving resources sector.

Notably, the sector boasts the highest average income in Australia, with mine employees earning an average full-time annual wage of over $148,000.

A Safer, More Productive Future

Ms. Bertram emphasises that a diverse workforce not only contributes to a more positive work environment but also enhances safety and productivity.

With the industry facing a serious skilled worker shortage, companies are actively seeking to recruit more women across various positions.

Rockhampton’s Role in the Transformation

As finalists from Rockhampton prepare to compete for prestigious awards, the city solidifies its position as a key player in Queensland’s mining landscape.

The diverse range of professions represented among the finalists, including general managers, engineers, environmental advisors, and workplace managers, underscores the city’s integral role in shaping the sector.

Inspiring the Next Generation

WIMARQ co-chair Sally Rayner highlights that Queensland’s resources sector attracts a younger demographic of female employees compared to the national average, with 38% aged 34 years or under.

The sector’s increasing inclusivity fosters a rich and varied career landscape, inspiring a new generation of women to explore the myriad opportunities available.