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Transformative Journey: Cameron Gooda’s Inspiring Path to Educational Excellence

Transformative Journey: Cameron Gooda’s Inspiring Path to Educational Excellence
Image courtesy of Facebook | Queensland Department of Education

From Career Crossroads to Educational Leadership

Three years ago, Cameron Gooda faced a pivotal moment, choosing to reshape his career trajectory by embarking on a Bachelor of Education (Primary).

This bold decision, the recipient of the Queensland Government’s Lambert McBride Perpetual Bursary, has proven to be a game-changer for both Cameron and the Rockhampton community.

Making Waves in Indigenous Education

Cameron, also a dedicated teacher aide, is spearheading a transformative movement within Rockhampton’s educational landscape. Actively involved in a school working group, Cameron champions the inclusion of First Nations history and culture in education.

By engaging with the wider community, students, and parents, he ensures that Indigenous perspectives are not just heard but woven into the fabric of learning.

Cameron’s commitment goes beyond the classroom. His advocacy has inspired Indigenous learners to embrace leadership roles they might have shied away from in the past. Reflecting on his evolving role, Cameron shares, “I have realised the power of someone like me within a school community and the impact it can have on students, parents, carers, and teaching staff.”

Embracing Role Model Status

Once hesitant about being labelled a role model, Cameron now fully embraces the role. His dedication and influence have earned him the ROCK NAIDOC Student of the Year Award for 2023, celebrating his commitment to academic excellence and passion for Indigenous education.

Future Aspirations in Rockhampton

Looking ahead, Cameron harbours ambitious dreams for Rockhampton’s educational landscape. “My ultimate, long-term goal is to be the principal of one of the schools in my hometown of Rockhampton,” he affirms.

Applications Open for Lambert McBride Perpetual Bursary 2024

For future educators, exciting news: applications for the 2024 Lambert McBride Perpetual Bursary are officially open until December 8! Join the league of transformative educators and contribute to shaping the future of Rockhampton’s education.

Visit for more details.

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