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Tragic Farewell to Samantha, Rockhampton Zoo’s Matriarch

Tragic Farewell to Samantha, Rockhampton Zoo's Matriarch
Image courtesy of Facebook | Rockhampton Zoo

Heartfelt Condolences for the Loss of Samantha, Rockhampton’s Cherished Chimpanzee

In a sombre announcement, the Rockhampton Regional Council shared the unexpected passing of Samantha, the beloved female chimpanzee at Rockhampton Zoo.

Samantha, who was 40 years old, passed away suddenly yesterday afternoon, leaving a void in the hearts of the zookeepers and the community.

A Heartfelt Bond: Samantha’s Legacy Lives On

Samantha played a vital role as a surrogate mother to Gandali, a four-year-old chimpanzee, after he lost his mother, Holly, in late 2022.

This touching relationship showcased the emotional depth within the zoo’s chimpanzee troop.

Now, Gandali finds solace in the guidance and comfort of his father, Alon, creating a poignant legacy left by Samantha.

Heartbreaking Diagnosis: Early Stage Heart Disease

In 2020, a heart specialist identified early-stage heart disease in Samantha, bringing a cloud of concern over her well-being.

Despite this, she continued to play an active role in the troop until her sudden passing.

The suspected cause of her death is a heart attack, a consequence of her pre-existing heart condition.

Awaiting Answers: Autopsy Results Pending

To unravel the mystery behind Samantha’s sudden demise, an autopsy has been conducted, and the results are eagerly awaited. 

The Rockhampton Zoo family and community are united in their grief, sharing their thoughts and deepest condolences during this sorrowful time.

Samantha’s departure marks a significant loss for the Rockhampton Zoo, a place where her memory and impact will forever be etched in the hearts of those who cared for her.

Brini Wines