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National Renewables in Agriculture Conference Comes to Queensland

Sowing the Seeds of Sustainability: National Renewables in Agriculture Conference Comes to Queensland
Image supplied | Queensland beef producer Caitlin McConnel

Electric Innovation on Display

The National Renewables in Agriculture Conference is set to make its Queensland debut on 4th July, offering a critical platform for farmers to discover ways to reduce costs and introduce new income streams through renewable energy solutions.

This event will take place in Toowoomba, bringing together experts and innovators in agricultural sustainability.

Trailblazing Ideas and Technologies

The conference will showcase pioneering projects, from small-scale on-farm initiatives to larger renewable energy systems, electric tractors, and alternative fuels.

One of the keynote speakers, Mike Casey from New Zealand, will discuss his journey to creating a fossil-free, electric cherry orchard.

Casey’s farm employs solar-powered frost-fighting fans and irrigation systems, and he will share insights on using the Monarch Electric Tractor, a first in the Southern Hemisphere.

His message is clear: transitioning to fully electric farming is both feasible and beneficial.

Local Innovations and Experiences

Queensland beef producer Caitlin McConnel will also present her experiences with grazing cattle under solar panels, a project her family has been involved in since 2010.

These solar trackers are designed to maximise land use efficiency while ensuring continuous livestock production. McConnel emphasises the necessity of integrating agriculture and renewable energy to sustain both industries.

Collaborative Pathways to a Sustainable Future

Initiated by Karin Stark in 2019, the Renewables in Agriculture Conference aims to bridge the knowledge gap farmers face when exploring renewable energy options.

Stark highlights the importance of sharing successful case studies to ensure renewable technologies complement agricultural practices rather than replace them.

Event Highlights

  • Keynote from Mike Casey on his fully electric cherry orchard.
  • Discussions on future fuels and farm vehicles, featuring experts like New Holland.
  • Presentations from Queensland, NSW, and Victorian farmers on innovative solutions.
  • Insights into grazing livestock under solar panels, biogas for piggeries, and hydrogen production from sugar cane waste.
  • Strategies for regional communities to actively participate in the energy transition.

For more information and tickets, visit National Renewables in Agriculture Conference.

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