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Securing Rockhampton’s Water Future: A Collaborative Vision

Securing Rockhampton's Water Future: A Collaborative Vision
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Federal Funding Injects $4.5 Million for Rockhampton’s Water Future

In a strategic move towards safeguarding Rockhampton’s water security, the Albanese Government has pledged a substantial investment.

A significant portion of the $11.5 million commitment will fund the Central Queensland Regional Water Assessment (CQ RWA) over the next 2.5 years.

This initiative, spearheaded by the Queensland Government, targets water supply infrastructure and non-infrastructure options within and around the Fitzroy Basin Water Plan area.

Strategic Planning for Water Sustainability

The comprehensive regional water assessment aims to identify key projects warranting detailed consideration.

It incorporates insights from ongoing studies, including the feasibility of desalinated water for Gladstone’s renewable energy sector.

Minister Tanya Plibersek underscores the importance of this initiative in planning for the future, particularly in drought-prone regions.

Unlocking Economic Potential Through Water Efficiency

Honourable Glenn Butcher emphasises that water efficiency directly correlates with economic potential, benefiting the community, industries, First Nations peoples, and the environment.

The collaborative process of the Regional Water Assessment ensures community involvement and extensive discussions to address evolving needs.

Commitment to Infrastructure and Community Well-being

Senator Anthony Chisholm echoes the government’s commitment to bolstering water infrastructure, crucial in sustaining regional communities during dry spells.

Member for Keppel, Brittany Lauga, and Member for Rockhampton, Barry O’Rourke, express pride and satisfaction in witnessing bipartisan efforts to plan for the region’s future water requirements.

Ensuring a Resilient Future

Rockhampton’s water future lies at the heart of these collaborative efforts.

The government’s proactive approach, backed by substantial funding and strategic planning, signals a resilient path forward for the region’s water sustainability.

The collaborative spirit between the Palaszczuk and Albanese governments stands as a testament to their shared commitment to securing Rockhampton’s water future.