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School Holiday Extravaganza: Rockhampton’s Summer Adventure Awaits

School Holiday Extravaganza: Rockhampton's Summer Adventure Awaits
Image courtesy of | Rockhampton Regional Council | Mayor Tony Williams and Heritage Councillor Drew Wickerson

Mayor Tony Williams unveils an exciting array of summer activities

Rockhampton’s summer holidays are set to sizzle with an eclectic mix of educational and entertaining programs curated by the Rockhampton Regional Council.

Mayor Tony Williams, alongside Communities and Heritage Councillor Drew Wickerson, revealed an impressive lineup of events aimed at enriching the holiday experience for families and individuals.

Diverse Adventures Await

Mayor Williams highlighted the breadth of activities sprawled across iconic destinations like the Rockhampton Zoo, Heritage Village, Libraries, Museum of Art, and more.

Each venue boasts a distinctive program catering to varied interests, from animal enthusiasts to history buffs and craft aficionados.

Zoo Encounters and Historical Expeditions

Animal lovers can revel in the wonders of the Rockhampton Zoo, offering both free entry and captivating paid activities such as Junior Zookeeper experiences and Animal Encounters.

Meanwhile, history aficionados can step back in time at the Heritage Village, immersing themselves in a bygone era through village strolls and exploratory tours.

Literary and Artistic Endeavours

For those inclined towards creativity, Rockhampton’s Libraries and Museum of Art present an array of workshops ranging from Christmas crafts to engaging STEAM sessions.

The Museum of Art offers daily artistic escapades, encouraging visitors to craft their own masterpieces inspired by the museum’s exquisite collection.

Dazzling Festivities

Adding a sprinkle of holiday magic, the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens transforms into a mesmerising wonderland with the RADIANCE Christmas-themed spectacle, offering nightly experiences brimming with holograms, light sculptures, and more until Christmas Eve.

Community Spirit Shines Bright

The community spirit soars with events like Carols by Candlelight at the Rockhampton Music Bowl and the enchanting ‘Lights of Christmas’ display at St. Joseph’s Cathedral, creating unforgettable moments for all.

Plan Your Perfect Holiday

With a plethora of events and activities adorning Rockhampton’s calendar, Mayor Williams urges everyone to embrace the holiday spirit and plan a summer brimming with fun-filled memories.

This holiday season, Rockhampton becomes a playground for exploration, learning, and festive cheer. Dive into the vibrant tapestry of events and embrace the joyous spirit that lights up the region.