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Rookwood Weir: Central Queensland’s Water Revolution

Rookwood Weir: Central Queensland's Water Revolution
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Landmark Achievement

The Rookwood Weir, known as Managibei Gamu by locals, marks a significant milestone, spilling water for the first time since its completion just over a month ago.

This marvel, hitting an impressive 122 percent capacity, has come alive after recent region-enriching rainfall.

A Game Changer for Central Queensland

Hailed as a game-changer by Acting Minister for the Environment and Water, Senator Murray Watt, the weir’s commencement of operation is poised to elevate the region’s water security, agricultural prowess, job creation, and economic fortitude.

Operational Excellence

The weir’s flawless functionality, safely ushering water downstream at a rate of 41,900 megaliters per day, underscores its meticulous design and construction.

Wet commissioning activities persist, utilising the abundant water level for rigorous infrastructure assessments.

Community Impact

While inaccessible to the public due to safety concerns with water over nearby roads, the spill’s impact reaches far beyond its physical boundaries.

Rockhampton MP Barry O’Rourke anticipates imminent regional benefits as the water flows towards Rockhampton and neighbouring areas.

Government Collaboration

The project, backed by the Queensland and Australian Governments’ joint investment of $183.6 million each, with Sunwater financing the remainder, embodies a united front towards bolstering the nation’s water infrastructure.

Future Prospects

Though some approvals and contractual requirements are pending for new customers, existing Lower Fitzroy Basin unsupplemented water entitlement holders are set to benefit, temporarily availing themselves of this invaluable resource.

Final Steps Ahead

As Sunwater steers towards finalising environmental approvals and contractual obligations, the Rookwood Weir stands as a testament to progress, promising a brighter future for Central Queensland’s water needs.

This monumental achievement not only celebrates engineering prowess but also heralds a new era of prosperity, emphasising the symbiotic relationship between innovation and regional growth.