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Rocky Rumble Set to Rev Up Rockhampton

Rocky Rumble Set to Rev Up Rockhampton
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Rockhampton BMX Club gears up for its largest annual event

The Rockhampton BMX Club is gearing up for its largest event of the year, the highly anticipated Rocky Rumble.

With hundreds of competitors and spectators expected, this weekend promises thrilling action and community engagement.

Council Support Bolsters Event

The Rockhampton BMX Club has received a substantial boost through the Council’s Community Assistance Program (CAP), with $4,150 allocated specifically for this event.

Deputy Mayor and Councillor Drew Wickerson expressed pride in the ongoing partnership with local clubs, highlighting that the Council has contributed over $26,000 in CAP funding over the past 14 years to support the Rocky Rumble.

This year, the event is expected to attract more than 200 competitors from across Queensland, making it a cornerstone in the BMX community.

Community and Economic Impact

The Rocky Rumble is more than just a sporting event; it is a significant community gathering that draws a diverse crowd. Rockhampton BMX Club President Nicole McBryde noted the multi-generational nature of the sport, with participants ranging from young children to grandparents.

The club anticipates welcoming upwards of 800 people through its gates over the weekend.

CAP funding plays a crucial role in ensuring the event’s success and safety. “We like to source the best medics available for the weekend, and Council’s CAP funding has gone towards that,” McBryde explained.

This commitment to safety and quality enhances the event’s reputation, drawing participants from regions such as Redlands, Townsville, the Central Highlands, and Moranbah.

A Weekend of Free Family Fun

The Rocky Rumble promises a weekend of free entertainment for the entire community. With free entry, families and friends are encouraged to come and watch the exciting races.

This inclusive approach ensures that the event remains accessible and enjoyable for all.

As Rockhampton BMX Club prepares to host the Rocky Rumble, the support from the Community Assistance Program underscores the importance of local government in fostering regional events that bring people together and stimulate local economies.