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Rockhampton’s FOGO Evolution: A Sustainable Leap Forward

Rockhampton's FOGO Evolution: A Sustainable Leap Forward

Processing Facility to Revolutionise Organic Waste Management

Rockhampton Regional Council embarks on a pioneering journey towards sustainability, propelled by the imminent launch of an Organics Processing Facility.

This bold step follows a successful Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) trial, highlighting the urgent need for efficient organic waste management within the community.

Crucial Role in Waste Transformation

Waste and Recycling Councillor Shane Latcham underscores the pivotal role of the upcoming Organics Processing Facility.

This facility promises to be a game-changer, converting garden organics and food scraps into valuable resources such as compost or fertiliser, reshaping the approach to waste management.

Embracing Diverse Solutions

The Council welcomes a diverse range of solutions through the EOI process, fostering inclusivity across businesses of all scales.

This approach aims not only for efficient waste processing but also ensures compliance with legislative requirements while catering to the unique needs of the Rockhampton Region.

An Opportunity for Innovation

With submissions opening in January 2024, businesses and organisations are encouraged to present tailored proposals for organic waste solutions.

This initiative not only embodies Rockhampton’s commitment to sustainability but also offers a platform for innovative contributions towards a greener future.

Driving Towards a Greener Horizon

Rockhampton’s commitment to sustainability shines through this initiative, inviting pioneering solutions that redefine organic waste management.¬†

This stride towards a more eco-conscious community promises a cleaner, more sustainable future for all.