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Rockhampton’s Aviation Renaissance: Alliance Airlines’ $60 Million MRO Facility Takes Flight

Rockhampton's Aviation Renaissance: Alliance Airlines' $60 Million MRO Facility Takes Flight
image courtesy of Rockhampton Regional Council | Rockhampton Regional Airport

An Aviation Milestone Unveiled in Rockhampton

In a significant milestone for the Rockhampton region, Alliance Airlines has officially opened its state-of-the-art maintenance facility at Rockhampton Airport.

Cutting-Edge Maintenance Facility

The impressive three-bay hangar, which can house three Embraer E190 or Boeing 737 series aircraft, was unveiled yesterday. To put it into perspective, this maintenance hub is almost the size of two rugby league fields!

This development is set to revolutionise the aviation industry in Rockhampton, as Alliance Airlines can now service their fleet of 70+ aircraft in the city rather than sending them overseas.

Empowering the Local Workforce

One of the most exciting aspects of this venture is the opportunity it provides for the local workforce. With this maintenance facility in place, locals now have the chance to train and work in the aviation maintenance industry.

The new Alliance Airlines Maintenance and Repair facility is making a substantial impact on the community, with ten employees already on board, one of them being an apprentice, and plans to fill another 11 positions, including five apprentices.

As the facility becomes fully operational in 2024, it anticipates employing about 100 highly skilled operations workers, including at least 16 trainees and apprentices.

A Joint Effort for Growth

Establishing this hangar is a collaborative effort, thanks to a partnership between the Federal, State, and Council, along with Alliance Airlines.

The mayor of Rockhampton Regional Council, Tony Williams, emphasises the significance of this initiative, not just for the present but also for the future. It secures new jobs and industries, setting the region up for a promising future.

This initiative not only enhances the local job market but also strengthens Rockhampton’s position in the aviation industry. It indicates the city’s commitment to fostering growth and innovation in various sectors.

Rockhampton Takes Flight

This new maintenance facility marks a significant step forward for Rockhampton, connecting the city to the global aviation landscape. With the capacity to handle a substantial fleet of aircraft, Alliance Airlines’ investment in the region is a testament to Rockhampton’s potential.

The partnership between Alliance Airlines and the government reflects the city’s dedication to creating opportunities for its residents, strengthening its position in the aviation sector, and fostering economic growth.


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