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Rockhampton Zoo: Fortifying Against Disaster

Rockhampton Zoo: Fortifying Against Disaster
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Preparing for the Unexpected: A Peek into Rockhampton’s Resilient Zoo

In the wake of environmental challenges, Rockhampton Zoo stands fortified against disaster thanks to a substantial $512,000 grant from the Australian Government’s Black Summer Bushfire Recovery Grants Program.

The grant facilitated critical enhancements, ensuring the safety of animal residents and staff in the event of emergencies.

Mayor Tony Williams and Zoo Director Liz Bellward led a tour highlighting the transformative impact of this funding.

Emergency Preparedness Beyond Boundaries

The Zoo has meticulously crafted evacuation plans for animals of all sizes, complemented by custom-designed crates and a motorised transport cart.

Additionally, the installation of new pathways ensures swift and efficient evacuations, reassuring the community of their safety measures.

A Shield Amidst Uncertainty

Rockhampton Zoo’s proactive approach doesn’t stop with evacuation plans.

The installation and upgrade of irrigation systems play a pivotal role in safeguarding inclosures during bushfires, focusing on protecting animals that can’t be relocated.

Mayor Williams emphasised, This grant not only bolsters our facilities but also assures our community of our capability to support them during crises.”

A Model of Preparedness

The Zoo’s Bushfire Resilience Project, one of five grants awarded, reflects Rockhampton’s commitment to disaster preparedness.

These initiatives, from introducing a Bushfire Resilience Officer to upgrading emergency services staging areas, solidify the region’s resilience against unforeseen challenges.

Rockhampton Zoo’s Assurance Amidst Uncertainty

With these strategic upgrades, Rockhampton Zoo emerges as a symbol of preparedness, instilling confidence and peace of mind in the Rockhampton community.

As climate unpredictability persists, this proactive stance serves as a beacon of hope and assurance for both residents and visitors alike.