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Rockhampton Revolutionises Battery Disposal: A Community-Led Transformation

Rockhampton Revolutionises Battery Disposal: A Community-Led Transformation

An Urgent Call for Safer Practises

In response to the escalating risks posed by improper battery disposal, Rockhampton residents are at the forefront of a ground-breaking movement.

With the rollout of B-cycle battery drop-off points at Council Waste Facilities, the community is spearheading a crucial initiative to revolutionise the handling of used batteries.

Council’s Proactive Response

Cr. Shane Latcham revealed alarming statistics—10 fire-related incidents in the past year attributed to improper battery disposal.

These incidents not only disrupt waste management but also result in substantial financial setbacks, such as a recent incident forcing a truck to offload recyclables onto Rockhampton Street due to a battery-induced fire.

Embracing Change, Ensuring Safety

Rockhampton Council has stepped up as an accredited B-cycle battery steward, offering convenient drop-off points across multiple locations, including shopping centres and supermarkets.

By adhering to B-cycle’s three-step guideline—Don’t toss them, tape them, and take them—residents can actively contribute to safeguarding both personnel and facilities.

A Transformative Journey for Batteries

The collected batteries undergo a significant transformation journey. 

Transported to a sorting plant in Melbourne, these batteries have their metals extracted for resale to manufacturers, while plastics find new life, either contributing to Visy’s Waste to Energy plant or supporting Close the Loop initiatives.

Joining the Movement for Change

As the holiday season approaches, the community is urged to support this pivotal initiative.

A simple yet impactful change in behaviour—refraining from discarding used, swollen, or leaking batteries in kerbside bins—can make a substantial difference.

Instead, embracing the B-cycle approach ensures a safer and more sustainable future for Rockhampton.

Championing Safety and Sustainability

Rockhampton’s proactive stance towards responsible battery disposal not only ensures safety within the community but also fosters a more environmentally conscious approach.

Embracing this initiative symbolises a commitment to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future for all residents.