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Rockhampton Museum of Art Wins 2023 Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture

Rockhampton Museum of Art Wins 2023 Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture
image courtesy of Rockhampton Regional City Council

The Rockhampton Museum of Art (RMOA) has claimed the 2023 Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture, an accolade that crowns it as a national architectural gem.

The esteemed award, named in honour of Australia’s former Governor-General, was unveiled during the 2023 National Architecture Awards in Canberra, marking a triumphant moment for Rockhampton’s cultural landscape.

A Cultural Jewel in the Heart of Rockhampton

Designed by a collaborative effort led by Conrad Gargett, Clare Design, and Brian Hooper, Architect, the Rockhampton Museum of Art shines for its role in creating a vibrant cultural hub and a gathering place for the community.

It is a space where art and people converge, fostering a sense of unity and creativity.

Since its grand opening in February 2022, RMOA has swiftly become an integral part of Rockhampton’s cityscape. Mayor Cr. Tony Williams underlines its significance as more than a gallery or visitor attraction. 

It is, in fact, a beacon of the Rockhampton community, drawing the attention of both locals and visitors.

Recognising Excellence in Architecture

Paul Jones, the Chair for Juries at the Australian Institute of Architects, commends the architects for their world-class design standards. He highlights the meticulous planning behind the museum, ensuring it reaches international standards for cultural institutions.

The RMOA is more than just a building; it’s a performance and serviceability exemplar. National Jury Chair Shannon Battisson emphasises the broader message award-winning projects convey in these challenging times.

The RMOA sets an example of how exceptional architecture can inspire, especially in regional areas, where the constraints and opportunities differ from metropolitan regions.

A Beacon in Regional Australia

The Rockhampton Museum of Art is a testament to the dedication of architects and their clients who push the boundaries to create remarkable projects despite the distance, tight budgets, and various challenges, including the pandemic and political uncertainty.

This recognition is a testament to the museum’s status as a vital cultural hub in the region and a source of inspiration for the nation.

Shining Brightly in the National Spotlight

The Rockhampton Museum of Art, since its inauguration, has held 27 exhibitions, hosted over 500 programs, and welcomed more than 139,000 visitors, solidifying its status as a cultural powerhouse.

The award is not just a feather in its cap but a testament to its central role in Rockhampton’s community and its standing on the national stage.

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