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Rockhampton Grammar’s Future Leaders Shine at City Hall

Rockhampton Grammar's Future Leaders Shine at City Hall
Image courtesy of Facebook | Councillor Drew Wickerson

Local students engage with civic education at Rockhampton City Hall

Rockhampton Grammar School’s Year 4 classes recently embarked on an educational journey, exploring the intricacies of local governance at City Hall.

Hosted by Councillor Drew Wickerson, the visit was a dynamic opportunity for these young minds to delve into the city’s political landscape.

A Civic Education Experience

The visit wasn’t just a tour; it was a hands-on lesson in the workings of government.

Students absorbed the history of City Hall, gained insights into the three tiers of government, and discovered the diverse responsibilities managed by the Rockhampton Regional Council.

Mayor for a Day

One highlight was the mock election, where students cast their votes to elect a Mayor and Deputy Mayor.

This interactive activity allowed them to understand the democratic process and the weight of leadership.

Curiosity and Engagement

Impressively, the students didn’t just listen; they engaged.

Their well-thought-out questions showcased a genuine curiosity about local governance, indicating a bright future for potential leaders in Rockhampton.

This initiative highlights the importance of fostering civic awareness from an early age.

It’s heartening to see young Rockhampton minds actively engaging in understanding and participating in their city’s governance.

Through this visit, Rockhampton Grammar School has demonstrated a commitment to nurturing informed, responsible citizens and empowering the leaders of tomorrow.

Rockhampton City Hall continues to be a beacon of education, fostering a deeper connection between the city’s youth and its governance structures.

The visit by these young RGS students serves as a reminder of the city’s commitment to an engaged and enlightened future generation.

Congratulations to the Bright Minds

Kudos to the students of Rockhampton Grammar School for their enthusiasm, curiosity, and active participation.

Their engagement at City Hall sets a commendable example for all aspiring young leaders in the region.