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Rockhampton Council Vows Aquaculture Industry Expansion

Rockhampton Council Vows Aquaculture Industry Expansion
Image courtesy of Collab media

In a pioneering move, Rockhampton Regional Council has become the inaugural partner for Rockhampton State High School’s Barramundi Grow Out program.

The council has committed $15,000 in funding over three years to support operational costs at the recently inaugurated Rockhampton Aquaculture Facility.

The collaboration aims to educate 160 students and support six staff annually, fostering essential aquaculture training.

Collaboration and Development

Rockhampton Regional Council Mayor, Tony Williams, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, emphasising its role in educating the future workforce while boosting the region’s fishing tourism through the annual delivery of up to 3,000 barramundi fingerlings.

“We’re focused on supporting the jobs, industry, and education initiatives which will drive our local economy in the decades to come,” Mayor Williams said. 

He highlighted the rapid global growth of the aquaculture industry and the significant increase in the total value of the Queensland aquaculture industry over the past year.


The partnership includes collaboration with Advance Rockhampton to showcase the state-of-the-art facility to potential investors interested in advancing local aquaculture development options.

With two of the state’s largest Aquaculture development areas already declared locally, the Rockhampton Region aims to establish itself as a major aquaculture hub.

Moving Forward

Lachlan Wells, Head of Department for Materials Technology at Rockhampton State High School, expressed gratitude for the ongoing support from the Council. “This is the start of an exciting new chapter for our aquaculture program, and crucial to the development of our students’ learning,” Wells said.

The aquaculture program will focus on tagging and releasing as many fingerlings as possible, contributing to citizen science and supporting the region’s recreational fishing tourism.

The Rockhampton State High School Aquaculture Centre, officially opened in September 2023 and proudly funded and supported by the Queensland Government, marks a significant milestone in advancing aquaculture education and industry development in Rockhampton.