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Resurrecting a Cultural Gem: Wynnum Fringe’s Spiegeltent Revival

Resurrecting a Cultural Gem: Wynnum Fringe’s Spiegeltent Revival
Image supplied | The Augathella Spiegeltent

A Journey of Heritage and Hope

Wynnum Fringe, Queensland’s pioneering arts festival, has launched a community crowdfunding campaign to breathe new life into a neglected piece of cultural history: the Augathella Spiegeltent.

This effort aims to raise $500,000 to relocate and restore this unique venue from the remote town of Augathella to Brisbane, addressing Australia’s live entertainment crisis head-on.

The Spiegeltent’s Significance

Designed by the renowned Belgian Klessens family, the Augathella Spiegeltent was commissioned in 2008 as part of Queensland’s 150th anniversary celebrations.

Blending traditional 19th-century Belgian construction techniques with an Australian shearing shed aesthetic, it stands as a symbol of regional pride. Once a vibrant community hub, it now awaits a second chance to shine.

Wynnum Fringe’s Vision

Tom Oliver, founder of Wynnum Fringe, emphasizes the project’s critical role in revitalizing the live entertainment sector. “This project will provide a much-needed platform to nurture emerging talent, bring communities together, and create year-round jobs for creative workers,” Oliver said.

The campaign has already raised $89,000 and is well on its way to the first milestone of $100,000 needed to commence the Spiegeltent’s relocation.

An Epic Journey

On July 3rd, Tom and his team will embark on an 800km journey from Augathella to Brisbane, marking the beginning of this monumental project.

The team of five will deconstruct the Spiegeltent over five days before transporting it east on two semis, a testament to the community’s dedication and resilience.

A Community United

Cr Shaun Radnedge, Mayor of Murweh Shire Council, praised the initiative: “We are extremely proud to partner with Wynnum Fringe to honour Queensland’s history and immortalise one of our great regional towns.” This collaborative effort underscores the power of community in preserving cultural heritage.

Since its inception in 2020, Wynnum Fringe has grown exponentially, employing over 2,500 creative workers and injecting more than $3 million into the local economy.

Now, with the Spiegeltent revival, the festival aims to create a permanent, world-class venue in Brisbane, ensuring that Australia’s creative spirit continues to thrive.

Join the Journey

The Augathella Spiegeltent revival is not just about restoring a venue; it’s about reimagining the future of Australian arts. Wynnum Fringe invites you to be part of this history-making venture.

Donations over $1,000 will secure your name on the floorboards of the Spiegeltent, making you a literal foundation of this cultural revival. Visit to contribute and join this epic journey.