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Reeling in the Excitement: 2023 $10K Thready Competition Returns to Rockhampton

Reeling in the Excitement: 2023 $10K Thready Competition Returns to Rockhampton
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The Ultimate Angler’s Adventure on Fitzroy River

Rockhampton’s Fitzroy River (Tunuba) is gearing up to host the ultimate angler’s adventure with the return of Fishing The Fitzroy’s highly anticipated $10K Thready Competition. This annual extravaganza, now in its fourth year, is set to once again captivate fishing enthusiasts from near and far.

A Bounty Fit for Champions

With a $10,000 cash reward, anglers of all skill levels will vie for the prestigious title of catching a tagged king threadfin in the Fitzroy River system. This year’s competition promises to be even more thrilling, with the potential for glory and a substantial reward fueling the excitement.

Mayor Tony Williams Extends a Warm Welcome

Rockhampton Region Mayor Tony Williams is effervescent about the competition’s return. He sees it as a splendid addition to the region’s annual fishing tournament calendar, one that celebrates the unique allure of Rockhampton and the importance of sustainable fishing practises.

“This competition builds upon our impressive major events calendar and will continue to help spread the word of our region’s unique tourism offering of chasing trophy-sized fish in the city’s heart,” Mr. Williams said.

Rockhampton’s Angling Oasis

Rockhampton is renowned as the Barramundi Capital of Australia. Still, it’s also home to hard-fighting fish species like the king threadfin, making it a year-round haven for dedicated anglers.

The city’s Recreational Fishing Voluntary Code of Practise, now in place for eight years, underscores the commitment to sustainable fishing practises during the barramundi closed season from November to January.

Fishing Tourism: A Growing Market

Advance Rockhampton Tourism and Events Manager Zac Garven highlights the competition’s role in promoting Rockhampton as a fishing hotspot and a destination that caters to fishing enthusiasts nationwide. 

Fishing tourism is an increasingly vital and expanding segment of the Australian tourism industry, attracting visitors eager to create unforgettable memories.

Rockhampton’s Unique Advantage

“In Rockhampton, we have the added benefit that you can be on a plane, checked into your hotel room, and on the water, fishing the Fitzroy in less than two hours. That’s a fantastic advantage for Rockhampton, with more people visiting our region, booking accommodation, dining in our cafes and restaurants, and stocking up in local tackle shops,” Mr. Garven said.

More Ways to Enjoy the Waters

The region offers many options for fishing enthusiasts, from charter excursions to dry boat rentals. For those who prefer to stay on land, there are numerous fishing platforms, including two wheelchair-accessible ones, right in the heart of Rockhampton’s CBD.

Fishing the Fitzroy’s $10K Thready Competition is set to kick off on November 1, 2023, and will run until midnight on January 31, 2024.

Anglers must first register at to be eligible to win.