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Reducing Waste, Amplifying Joy: Rockhampton’s Waste-Wise Christmas

Reducing Waste, Amplifying Joy: Rockhampton's Waste-Wise Christmas

Rockhampton residents are embracing a new festive spirit this season—one that’s waste-wise and environmentally conscious.

With the guidance of Waste and Recycling Councillor Shane Latcham, the community is taking small but impactful steps towards a more sustainable Christmas.

Making a Merry Impact

In a bid to slash excess waste and expenses, Councillor Latcham urges locals to rethink their approach to the season of giving.

Emphasising the twin benefits of saving money and reducing stress, he highlights the significance of minimising the ecological footprint during this celebratory period.

Creative Culinary Moves

The call to action includes a creative twist on leftovers—a culinary adventure waiting to happen.

Rather than letting delicious holiday meals go to waste, residents are encouraged to transform them into new, exciting recipes. Homemade treats take centre stage as gifts, packaged in reused glass jars, offering a personal touch while cutting down on packaging waste.

Wrap it Responsibly

Gift wrapping takes on a whole new eco-friendly avatar. The traditional wrapping paper takes a backseat, making way for reusable alternatives like fabric or upcycled gift bags.

For those sticking to conventional wrapping paper, the focus shifts to recyclability, ensuring that every piece finds its way into the recycling bin.

Recycling Right for a Brighter Future

Councillor Latcham highlights the significance of recycling correctly. In Rockhampton, up to 49% of materials are recovered from the 109,000 metric tonnes of waste received annually, emphasising the vital role residents play in minimising landfill waste.

Homegrown Decorations and Thoughtful Touches

Encouraging residents to unearth hidden treasures from previous celebrations, the emphasis is on reusing decorations.

Crafting homemade bunting from old cards or fabric emerges as an affordable, unique way to infuse the festive spirit into homes.

The initiative resonates deeply with the local ethos, aligning with Rockhampton’s commitment to preserving its beauty and sustainability. 

As the community rallies together, embracing these waste-wise practices, each small effort promises a significant collective impact this joyous season.

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