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Race Towards Wellness: 7Rocky River Run 2024 Beckons for a Fit Start

Race Towards Wellness: 7Rocky River Run 2024 Beckons for a Fit Start
Image courtesy of Instagram | @rockyriverrun

Set your fitness goals and join the 16th annual 7Rocky River Run on Sunday, May 19, 2024.

As the New Year unfolds, Rockhampton’s Parks, Sports, and Public Spaces Councillor, Cherie Rutherford, is rallying the community to kick-start their fitness resolutions with the 7Rocky River Run. 

Scheduled for May 19, 2024, this annual event promises an exhilarating race experience while supporting a good cause.

Embrace Every Fitness Level

Councillor Rutherford encourages participants of all fitness levels to register.

Whether you prefer running, walking, wheeling, or strolling, the 7Rocky River Run caters to everyone.

The variety of race distances ensures an inclusive event for all, making it an ideal opportunity to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Setting Goals for a Healthier You

Incorporating fitness resolutions into one’s life can be challenging, but Councillor Rutherford emphasises the positive impact of having a goal like the 7Rocky River Run.

This event serves as a motivational beacon, guiding individuals towards healthier living.

Unity in Wellness

Recognising the power of collective motivation, Councillor Rutherford suggests forming groups with friends or colleagues. 

Team bookings even come with enticing discounts, transforming the fitness challenge into a shared and enjoyable experience.

Charity at its Core

Zac Garven, Advance Rockhampton Tourism and Events Manager, underscores the charitable essence of the event.

In 2024, Fitzroy Community Hospice will be the designated charity recipient. Beyond personal fitness goals, participants contribute to the well-being of the community.

Local Support and Sponsorship

Seven Central Queensland proudly stands as the naming rights sponsor, emphasising the local support for this event.

Buddy’s Fire and Serenity Dental Rockhampton add to the community-driven ethos as the 5KM and 2KM race sponsors, respectively.

Register Now for a Fit Future

To be part of this wellness initiative, visit and register for the 7Rocky River Run.

Make 2024 a year of fitness, camaraderie, and community support. Join the race for a healthier you and a stronger Rockhampton.