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Queensland Rail Navigates Cyclone Challenges with Precision and Preparedness

Queensland Rail Navigates Cyclone Challenges with Precision and Preparedness
Image courtesy of Facebook | Queensland Rail

Ensuring Safety Amidst Cyclone Kirrily

As Cyclone Kirrily approaches, Queensland Rail, with a commitment to safety, has temporarily closed sections of its regional rail network, including the North Coast line from Rockhampton to Cairns and the Mount Isa and Central West lines.

Strategic Operations During Disruption

Despite the challenges posed by the cyclone, Spirit of Queensland, Tilt Train, and freight services are still operational between Brisbane and Rockhampton, prioritising safety where possible.

Queensland Rail’s Head of Regional, Scott Cornish, underscores their dedication to the safety of customers and staff.

Proactive Recovery Measures

Acknowledging the vital role the rail network plays in connecting communities, Queensland Rail has strategically stationed ballast trains and stocked depots with essential supplies in Mackay, Proserpine, and Townsville.

This proactive approach aims to ensure a swift recovery and reopening once the cyclone subsides.

A History of Resilience

Queensland Rail’s resilience is evident from its swift response to ex-tropical cyclone Jasper, where the North Coast line was reopened in less than a week.

Record rainfall and meticulous planning allowed crews to repair damages efficiently, showcasing their ability to overcome challenges posed by extreme weather conditions.

Staying Informed and Thanking the Community

Queensland Rail emphasises its commitment to keeping the community informed as the situation evolves.

Passengers and freight customers in affected areas are encouraged to stay updated through or by calling Queensland Rail Travel on 1800 803 009.

The rail authority expresses gratitude for the understanding of its customers during this challenging time.

In the face of Cyclone Kirrily, Queensland Rail stands as a testament to precision, preparedness, and a commitment to safety, ensuring the continued connectivity of communities in Rockhampton and broader Australian regions.