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Prioritising Community Health: A Call to Action for Queensland’s Local Government Candidates

Prioritising Community Health: A Call to Action for Queensland's Local Government Candidates
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The Heart Foundation is calling on Queensland’s Local Government candidates to prioritise the health and wellbeing of our communities.

Survey Reveals Critical Health Infrastructure Gaps

A recent survey by Queensland Walks highlighted the urgent need for action, with over half of respondents lacking a sealed footpath in their area, 67% reporting poor maintenance, 74% finding paths too narrow, and a staggering 84% citing a lack of shade.

Crossing Issues and Speed Concerns

Additionally, 61% struggle with safe road crossings and 64% are concerned about high vehicle speeds.

Role of Lifestyle and Built Environment in Heart Disease Risk

Lifestyle choices and the built environment significantly influence heart disease risk, highlighting the pivotal role of local governments in fostering community infrastructure that promotes healthy activity.

Infrastructure Investment Recommendations

We urge candidates to pledge investment in infrastructure that bolsters healthy lifestyles, such as:

  1. Walkable, shaded green spaces that encourage physical activity.
  2. Safe, interconnected networks for active travel.
  3. Environments that facilitate access to nutritious food.

Implementing these measures will not only enhance community health but also demonstrate candidates’ commitment to public health and wellbeing.

 Heart Foundation’s Call to Local Governments

We encourage Local Governments and their representatives to utilise the Heart Foundation’s evidence-based resources, including the Healthy Active by Design web resource at, to inform their strategies.

This election, let’s place the health of our communities at the forefront of policy-making.

Sheree Hughes
General Manager, Queensland
Heart Foundation