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New Heights for Rockhampton Netball: A Game-Changing Sports Precinct Unveiled

New Heights for Rockhampton Netball: A Game-Changing Sports Precinct Unveiled
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Rockhampton Regional Council’s Push for a Modern Netball Hub Gains Momentum

Rockhampton’s sporting landscape is on the brink of a transformative shift as the Rockhampton Regional Council spearheads a drive to secure a new home for Rockhampton Netball.

Mayor Tony Williams is leading the charge, emphasising the urgent need to progress the envisioned Rockhampton Sports Precinct, a move that has garnered resounding community support.

A Netball Evolution in the Making

Mayor Williams underscored the significance of a new home for Rockhampton Netball, noting the limitations of the current Jardine Park facilities and the imperative for upgraded space to facilitate the sport’s growth.

His proactive engagement with both State and Federal governments marks a crucial step in realising this ambitious project, positioning the netball hub as a pivotal facet of the envisioned sports precinct.

Paving the Way for Growth

The proposed Rockhampton Sports Precinct, earmarked for development on the CQUniversity campus, promises a multifaceted transformation. 

Stage 1, dedicated to Rockhampton Netball, is set to encompass 16 outdoor hard courts, a 3-court indoor facility, and a modern clubhouse. 

Councillor Cherie Rutherford highlighted the project’s potential to bolster netball participation, drawing regional and state-level competitions—an aspiration unattainable in the current infrastructure.

A Community’s Aspiration Takes Shape

The council’s strategic move to prioritise stage 1 of the precinct aligns with the recent master plan release, reflecting a collaborative culmination of community feedback and stakeholder engagement.

The envisioned Rockhampton Sports Precinct signals a momentous shift, promising tailored, modern facilities that will not only accommodate Rockhampton Netball’s immediate needs but also set the stage for its future expansion. 

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