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Mount Morgan Unveils Historic CBD Tour

Mount Morgan Unveils Historic CBD Tour
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Mount Morgan’s vibrant history is now accessible on a unique, self-guided tour through its CBD. Launched by Mount Morgan Promotion and Development Inc., the “Mount Morgan CBD – Links to its Historic Past” project offers an immersive journey into the town’s evolution.

Reviving Heritage Through Technology

Five QR posts strategically positioned across the CBD facilitate this historic journey.

Commencing at the Main Post near the iconic Mount Morgan Hot Bread Shop, visitors scan QR codes to unlock a trove of historical images and insights into the town’s transformation from the late 19th century onwards.

Trail of Time Travels

As participants traverse the CBD, they’ll encounter key locations through QR posts, starting from the Main Post to the Eastern, Central, and Western, and concluding at the Northern Post.

Each station unveils a new chapter, providing a seamless narrative of Mount Morgan’s past.

Rich Tapestry of Contributions

Embedded within the CBD’s footpaths, brass plaques illuminate the origins of current businesses, supplementing the historical context provided by the QR posts.

John Steinberger, President of Mount Morgan Promotion and Development, expressed gratitude for the collaborative effort that birthed this initiative, acknowledging the support from various entities, including Busby Films, Advance Rockhampton, and government funding from Stronger Communities Grant and local representatives.

Celebrating Collaboration

Mr. Steinberger emphasised the invaluable support from Mount Morgan Historical Museum, the Stock Family, Bette Broom, local businesses, and community members that was crucial in shaping this project’s success.

Enriching Visitor Experience

The project underscores Mount Morgan’s rich heritage, enhancing the town’s appeal as a historical destination.

This initiative not only connects residents to their roots but also promises an engaging experience for visitors keen on exploring the tapestry of Mount Morgan’s past.

This initiative, blending technology and heritage, stands as a testament to Mount Morgan’s commitment to preserving its legacy for generations to come.

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