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Medicare UCC: A Lifeline for Rockhampton

Medicare UCC: A Lifeline for Rockhampton

Rockhampton’s Latest Health Gem Eases Strain on Hospitals

The Rockhampton Medicare Urgent Care Clinic (Medicare UCC) has emerged as a beacon of hope for the local community.

With its opening on December 6, 2023, at the revamped Rockhampton Central Medical Centre, the region welcomes a vital healthcare addition.

This clinic addresses a significant need in Rockhampton by offering extended hours, 7 days a week, to provide walk-in care, fully bulk billed under Medicare.

This not only ensures accessibility but also relieves strain on the Rockhampton Hospital, where more than 35 percent of visits are for non-urgent or semi-urgent care.

Relieving Pressure, Revolutionising Care

Minister Butler highlights, “The Rockhampton Medicare UCC is going to make a big difference to patients in the greater Rockhampton area. Local communities will be able to walk in, see a doctor or nurse, and access imaging and pathology services.

Minister Fentiman echoes this sentiment, emphasising the focus on accessible, high-quality healthcare. “Urgent Care Clinics are designed to take pressure off our health system and GPs by being an accessible and community-based alternative to busy hospitals.”

Empowering Communities with Affordable Care

Senator Green underlines the profound impact on families: “The Rockhampton Medicare UCC will mean people in this community who need urgent but not acute care can get it quickly, even outside standard hours, and all they’ll need is their Medicare card.”

This initiative not only aligns with the government’s commitment to strengthening Medicare but also stands as a testament to prioritising preventive healthcare.

A Health Revolution

The Rockhampton Medicare UCC stands as a testament to the Albanese Government’s commitment to accessible, affordable, and high-quality healthcare.

It’s a boon for Rockhampton, ensuring that urgent medical attention is just around the corner, offering a much-needed respite to both patients and hospitals alike.