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Marmor Memorial Park Embarks on a $265,000 Transformation

Marmor Memorial Park Embarks on a $265,000 Transformation
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Rockhampton’s Gem Set for a Majestic Revamp

In a bid to enhance the local community experience, Marmor Memorial Park is set to undergo a substantial makeover, with a budget exceeding $265,000.

The ambitious project, spearheaded by the Rockhampton Regional Council, will unfold over approximately eight weeks, commencing on Monday, January 15.

A Playground Renaissance

Parks, Sport, and Open Spaces Councillor Cherie Rutherford unveiled the comprehensive refurbishment plan, highlighting key elements that will redefine the park’s landscape.

A state-of-the-art play space will take centre stage, replacing the existing equipment.

The crown jewel of this upgrade is an all-ages playground, featuring a multi-platformed tower and a standalone swing set, all neatly sheltered under a new shade structure.

Enhanced Amenities for Community Events

Beyond recreational benefits, the upgrade also envisions improved seating, footpaths, and gardens.

Councillor Rutherford emphasised that the added amenities aim to elevate the experience of local events, particularly ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day services.

The enhanced seating and pathways are poised to make a substantial difference during these commemorations.

A Nod to History

Marmor Memorial Park’s transformation isn’t merely about aesthetics; it’s about honouring the past.

The project includes the installation of two sandstone garden beds adorned with artwork dedicated to current and past soldiers.

This nod to history reinforces the park’s role as a space for reflection, commemoration, and community connection.

Community Collaboration

Councillor Rutherford expressed gratitude to the community groups that actively participated in the planning stages of this venture.

Their input has played a pivotal role in shaping the project, and as the park undergoes its transformation, the entire community eagerly awaits the unfolding of this collaborative vision.

As Marmor Memorial Park closes its gates on Monday, January 15, the countdown begins for a remarkable metamorphosis.

Weather and ground conditions permitting, the grand unveiling is anticipated by early March.

The park’s rejuvenation marks not just an upgrade in infrastructure but a commitment to the community’s well-being and shared history.