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JBS Rockhampton Leads in Water Efficiency Innovations

JBS Rockhampton Leads in Water Efficiency Innovations
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Pioneering Initiatives Towards Sustainable Water Use

JBS Australia’s Rockhampton beef processing plant stands at the forefront of water-saving advancements, earning global recognition within the JBS Group for its innovative and highly effective measures.

Decade-long Commitment to Water Reduction

Over the past decade, a significant cultural shift towards responsible water usage has led to a notable decrease in water consumption across the Rockhampton facility.

Automating water sensors in 2022, as part of a global initiative to reduce water consumption by 15% by 2025, has resulted in remarkable success. 

The plant now saves an impressive 50kL of water daily, equivalent to preserving 14 Olympic swimming pools each year.

Innovative Solutions Driving Efficiency

The introduction of a dual knife steriliser system has been a game-changer, saving an additional 5kL of water daily and reducing energy consumption.

Remarkably, this system, costing less than $900, efficiently utilises overflow water, demonstrating exceptional cost-effectiveness.

Holistic Approach to Conservation

Beyond these initiatives, Rockhampton has implemented water recycling and reuse strategies in safe areas, reduced water pressure, and enhanced cleaning efficiencies, underscoring a comprehensive approach to minimise water waste.

Investment for Sustainable Outcomes

The commitment to water efficiency is underscored by a $2 million investment in water measurement and innovation, including the installation of meters across various processing facilities.

These metres provide essential data, aiding in identifying further opportunities for reducing water consumption.

Global Recognition and Local Commitment

JBS Australia’s CEO, Brent Eastwood, emphasised the critical importance of sustained investment in water efficiency, especially during climate events like El Niño.

He commended the Rockhampton team’s decade-long proactive efforts, echoing a shared commitment to preserving water resources.

A Leading Example in Environmental Stewardship

The Rockhampton plant, which has been producing a diverse range of grass-fed beef products since 1965, showcases how small operational changes can yield significant environmental benefits.

With its remarkable success in water conservation, the plant’s efforts have reverberated globally within the JBS Group, setting an exemplary standard for sustainable practices.

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