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Helping Heal Hearts: Share the Burden’s Crusade for Mental Health Support

Helping Heal Hearts: Share the Burden's Crusade for Mental Health Support
Image courtesy of Facebook | Share the Burden

Supporting Suicide Survivors and Fostering Hope in Rockhampton

Rachelle Van der Loos, driven by personal tragedy, stands at the helm of Share the Burden, an organisation dedicated to addressing the void in mental health support for those bereaved by suicide.

Following the loss of her son, Kai, and her brother, Clinton, Rachelle turned her grief into action, creating a haven for individuals grappling with similar anguish.

Filling a Gap in Mental Health Support

In Rockhampton, where mental health advocacy has gained momentum, Share the Burden emerges as a beacon for survivors.

Often, the aftermath of suicide leaves a profound vacuum for those left behind. Rachelle’s initiative goes beyond conventional suicide prevention, bridging the gap for those navigating the aftermath of such a devastating loss.

Connecting Hearts, Healing Wounds

Share the Burden’s recent walkathon illuminated Rockhampton’s streets with yellow, drawing individuals from all walks of life.

This public show of solidarity symbolised a collective commitment to destigmatise mental health struggles. It was a testament to the community’s dedication to fostering a supportive environment.

Kai’s Legacy: Finding Strength in Memories

Kai, a vibrant soul lost too soon, left an indelible mark on those who knew him. His passion for art and empathy for others were the hallmarks of his character.

Despite his outward success, his inner battles mirrored the complexity of mental health struggles. His legacy lives on through Share the Burden, a tribute to his spirit and a lifeline for others.

Uplifting Minds Nationwide

Share the Burden’s influence extends far beyond Rockhampton’s borders. Rachelle encourages individuals across the country to seek solace and support.

The organisation’s mission resonates with many, offering a glimmer of hope amidst despair.

Share the Burden is a testament to resilience and a safe harbour for those weathering the storm of loss.

In a community united, healing begins and hope emerges, proving that together we can lighten each other’s burdens and pave a path towards a brighter tomorrow.