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Help shape new laws to protect First Nations Art

Help shape new laws to protect First Nations art
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The Australian Government is reaching out to community members to gather input on the development of legislation aimed at curbing the issue of fake First Nations-style art. As part of a series of nationwide consultations, a public engagement session is set to take place in Rockhampton at the Dreamtime Cultural Centre in Parkhurst on Monday, 22 April from 10 am to 1 pm.

Addressing Harm and Supporting Authentic Art

The event is designed to engage the public and invite them to share their insights, experiences, and perspectives on Indigenous cultural and intellectual property. The consultation sessions are vital in shaping the country’s first stand-alone legislation aimed at protecting First Nations traditional knowledge and cultural expressions.

A 2022 report from the Productivity Commission revealed that over half of the First Nations art and designs sold in merchandise and souvenirs are inauthentic or created without permission from Traditional Owners. This lack of authenticity poses harm to First Nations artists, communities, and culture.

A National Effort

The proposed legislation is part of Revive, the National Cultural Policy, and will be developed through a First Nations-led process to ensure the outcomes are responsive to the needs of First Nations people. The government is looking to hear from as many voices as possible to craft effective solutions.

Rockhampton residents are encouraged to register online for the event or simply show up on the day. The goal is to gather feedback and insights from locals to influence the legislative approach on this crucial issue. You can also share your thoughts and views online at