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Gumnut Garden and Gift Hosts Nighttime Extravaganza in Rockhampton CBD

Gumnut Garden and Gift Hosts Nighttime Extravaganza in Rockhampton CBD

Twilight Trading Event Lights Up East Street on November 24th

Gumnut Garden and Gift is set to transform the Rockhampton CBD into a vibrant hub of evening activity with its upcoming twilight trading event on November 24th.

As the sun sets, the cityscape will be adorned with a delightful sale, inviting locals to revel in an after-dark shopping experience.

What to Expect:

The twilight trading event promises an array of exciting offerings, extending the shopping hours until 7:30 p.m.

This unique opportunity allows patrons to explore and engage with the local businesses along East Street, creating a bustling atmosphere under the evening sky.

Joining the Nighttime Fervour:

Amidst the beauty of the CBD at night, Gumnut Garden and Gift spearhead this initiative, providing an exceptional opportunity for the community to partake in a distinctly different shopping experience. 

Expect a range of enticing deals and exclusive finds that add sparkle to the evening’s charm.

Creating a Lively Scene:

The initiative aligns with Rockhampton’s growing trend of evening activities, catering to the modern lifestyle preferences of its residents. 

With the extended trading hours, locals can enjoy a relaxed yet bustling atmosphere, fostering a stronger sense of community engagement.

Bringing Light to the City

Gumnut Garden and Gift’s twilight trading event marks a shift in the traditional shopping experience, illuminating Rockhampton’s business scene and showcasing the versatility of its local market. 

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