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Great Aussie Charity Cattle Drive: Bridging the Food Insecurity Gap

Great Aussie Charity Cattle Drive: Bridging the Food Insecurity Gap
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A Unique Initiative Addressing Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is a pressing issue in Australia, with one in six Australians experiencing hunger weekly.

In a commendable effort to tackle this issue, the 2025 Great Australian Charity Cattle Drive (GACCD) has been launched.

This initiative aims to bring together the Australian cattle industry to support those in need while promoting the country’s esteemed beef industry.

The Drive’s Route and Activities

The inaugural drive will commence in May 2025, where 2000 head of cattle will be herded by professional drovers and paying supporters from Longreach to Roma.

Participants can engage more closely by adopting a steer or buying a saddle, contributing directly to the cause.

Along the journey, a variety of entertainment, community engagement, and fundraising activities are planned to ensure the drive is not only beneficial but also memorable for everyone involved.

Partners and Support

This significant event is backed by key players in the industry, including Stockplace Marketing, McDonald Holdings (MDH), and Australian Country Choice (ACC), along with a growing coalition of corporate, agribusiness, media, beef industry, community, and government organisations.

The collaboration underscores the collective effort to address food insecurity while showcasing the strengths of the Australian beef industry.

Objectives and Impact

The GACCD has set four primary objectives: raising funds to feed those in need, promoting Australia’s world-class beef industry, boosting outback tourism, and offering participants an iconic outback experience.

Bim Struss, Beef Bank Director, highlighted the drive’s role in raising awareness about food insecurity and providing a platform for the beef industry to give back to the community.

Andrew Rodgers, Chairman of BeefBank, emphasised the natural synergy between the beef industry and BeefBank.

The funds raised will be used to supply nutritious meals to Queenslanders in need through partnerships with Foodbank Australia and FareShare, aiming to establish a controlled supply pipeline.

The Great Aussie Charity Cattle Drive not only addresses food insecurity but also strengthens the bond between the outback and urban communities, showcasing the best of Australian resilience and generosity.

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