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From ViP to FYC – The Remarkable Journey of Ethan Hamilton

From ViP to FYC - The Remarkable Journey of Ethan Hamilton
image courtesy of | Constable Ethan Hamilton and his family

A Passion for Community Service

Ethan Hamilton, a recent graduate of the Oxley Police Academy, has taken an extraordinary path to join the Queensland Police Service (QPS) as a First Year Constable (FYC).

What sets him apart from the 89 other recruits who graduated? Before donning the QPS uniform, Ethan served as a Volunteer in Policing (ViP) in the Logan District, working alongside the Logan District Crime Prevention Unit.

Diving into Community Policing

Volunteering with the police, as Ethan did, provides a unique opportunity to dip one’s toes into the world of law enforcement. It offers a behind-the-scenes look at policing and a chance to see if this is the career path for you. Ethan’s motivation was clear: a deep-seated passion for community service. He saw volunteering with the QPS as a natural choice.

Demonstrating Dedication to Community

Becoming a police officer in the QPS demands more than words on an application. It requires demonstrating a commitment to QPS values, and ‘community’ is one of the foremost.

Volunteering is a tangible way to showcase this commitment. As a ViP, Ethan assisted victims of crime, provided valuable crime prevention information to the community, and actively supported local community events. He used this hands-on experience to strengthen his application to the police academy.

An Exceptional Journey

Senior Constable Lou Carey from the Logan Crime Prevention Unit had the privilege of witnessing Ethan’s growth from a dedicated volunteer to a graduate of the Police Academy.

She attended his induction as an FYC and remarked, “He is a dedicated and passionate man who wants to serve his community.”

A New Beginning in Rockhampton

Despite his graduation, Ethan won’t be returning to Logan District. Instead, he and his fiancée are embarking on a new adventure in Rockhampton.

Ethan, brimming with excitement, said, “I was nervous during my induction ceremony, but I cannot contain my excitement to get out there in the community as an officer.”

Unlock a World of Opportunities

Working for the Queensland Police Service is unlike any other job. The breadth of responsibilities, ranging from protecting, responding, and investigating to supporting, rescuing, and learning, makes it both a challenging and rewarding vocation.

As a police officer, you can have a career with virtually limitless opportunities. Now is truly the best time to join.

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