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Frenchville Sports Club Strikes a Chord with U3A Ukulele Group

Frenchville Sports Club Strikes a Chord with U3A Ukulele Group
Image courtesy of Facebook | Joan Cooper | Ukulele group leader Barry Lloyd and member Jane Brazil 

Amplifying Community Harmony

In a harmonious collaboration, the Frenchville Sports Club has generously provided funding to the U3A Ukulele group for the acquisition of amplifying equipment.

This significant contribution promises to elevate the group’s outreach, amplifying not only their melodies but also the positive impact they bring to the community.

Strumming for a Cause

The U3A Ukulele group, led by Barry Lloyd, orchestrates commendable community service.

Their melodic performances resonate in nursing homes, retirement villages, and community events, bringing joy and connection to those they entertain.

Beyond their altruistic pursuits, the group also finds fulfilment in creating music for their own enjoyment.

Capturing the Moment

The presentation ceremony, captured in heartwarming photos, featured Ukulele group leader Barry Lloyd and member Jane Brazil alongside Frenchville Sports Club Board member John Hill and General Manager Damien Massingham.

The images encapsulate the gratitude and shared enthusiasm for the partnership.

We are all very grateful to the Frenchville Sports Club for their continued support of U3A Rockhampton,” expressed Joan Cooper, reflecting the sentiments of the entire Ukulele group.

This collaboration not only strikes a chord in the musical sense but also in fostering community bonds. 

Frenchville Sports Club’s commitment to supporting local initiatives aligns seamlessly with the Rockhampton spirit, creating a symphony of collaboration and community spirit that resonates beyond the strumming of ukulele strings.