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Economic Boost from Barrel Horse Racing: A Winning Weekend for the Region

Economic Boost from Barrel Horse Racing: A Winning Weekend for the Region
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The Thrill of the Event

The Australian Barrel Horse Association’s Cap Coast Circuit, held in Gracemere, promises an exciting weekend for both participants and spectators.

Featuring a large prize pool, this event has attracted a substantial number of competitors from across Queensland, ensuring a significant turnout that benefits the local economy.

Deputy Mayor Drew Wickerson highlighted the event’s importance: “The Cap Coast Circuit is a prime example of an event that brings in crowds and provides essential economic activity for our local retail, accommodation, and hospitality sectors.”

Economic Benefits and Community Support

This year, the Rockhampton Regional Council invested $109,000 in the Community Assistance Program (CAP), supporting approximately 30 local groups.

The Cap Coast Circuit alone received $5,000, allowing the event to remain accessible to competitors of all ages.

Parks, Sport and Public Spaces Councillor Cherie Rutherford emphasized the importance of these grants: “The funding helps the club make the event affordable, allowing competitors from all over Queensland to travel here to compete.”

The economic impact of the event is substantial. Competitors and spectators boost the local economy by shopping, dining, and staying in the area.

Suzy Patterson, the club sponsorship coordinator, noted, “The competitors and spectators who travel do their shopping here, they stay local, and they eat at the local restaurants and cafes. It all goes to supporting the local economy.”

A Growing Tradition

The Cap Coast Circuit, which has been running for 22 years, continues to grow, thanks to community grants. This growth not only enhances the quality of the event but also brings more visitors, thereby increasing the economic benefits to the region.

In the 2023/24 budget, the Rockhampton Regional Council allocated $298,000 across the Community Assistance Program, supporting year-round community development grants, regional and local events, and five major multiyear events.

Applications for Round One of the 2024/25 Community Assistance Program are now open, closing on 8 July 2024.

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