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Dive into a Safe and Splashing Summer in Rockhampton

Dive into a Safe and Splashing Summer in Rockhampton
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As the sun graces Rockhampton with its radiant beams, the city is poised for a summer filled with aquatic delights.

Families and friends are gearing up to make a splash in the sparkling waters, but amidst the excitement, safety takes centre stage.

Council’s Call for Water-Wise Summers

Planning and Regulation Councillor Grant Mathers underscores the importance of pool safety, emphasising that all pool types demand attention.

Whether inflatable, above-ground, or in-ground, pool safety and supervision are paramount, advises Cr Mathers.

Safety First, Fun Always

The Royal Life Saving National Drowning Report 2023 reveals a crucial statistic — 13% of drowning incidents in Queensland occurred in swimming pools.

Regional Queensland leads, with nearly one in four households having a pool or spa. Cr Mathers urges families to prioritise safety, citing the necessity of compliant fences and active supervision.

Transitioning to the broader picture, he notes, “Swimming is a healthy activity, but safety ensures everyone enjoys the water with confidence.” 

An alarming statistic is shared — the highest number of drowning deaths in 2022 in Queensland occurred among those aged 25–34, a deviation from national trends.

A Secure Summer Splash

In this aquatic haven, where one in four homes boasts a pool, safety is a collective responsibility. By adhering to simple tips and laws, Rockhampton ensures every poolside experience is both enjoyable and secure.

For those without a private pool, Rockhampton Regional Council offers a plethora of water play areas and pools, including the Northside PoolSouthside Pool, Gracemere Swimming Pool, Cedric Archer Wet Play, and Kershaw Gardens Wet Play.

All regulated pools and spas must be registered with the QBCC, aligning with building legislation and Australian standards.