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Construction Begins on State-of-the-Art Social Housing Complex in Rockhampton

Construction Begins on State-of-the-Art Social Housing Complex in Rockhampton
Image courtesy of LinkedIn | Redland City Council

New Development Tailored for Accessibility and Diverse Needs

Construction has kicked off on a transformative project set to reshape Rockhampton’s social housing landscape.

Spearheaded by the Palaszczuk Government, this $4.77 million initiative marks a pivotal step towards addressing the city’s housing needs while fostering inclusivity and accessibility.

Innovating Housing for Accessibility in Rockhampton

This groundbreaking complex, comprising eight one-bedroom and two two-bedroom units, isn’t merely about brick and mortar.

Three units are meticulously designed for individuals with disabilities, embracing the Platinum and Gold standards of the Liveable Housing Guidelines.

This thoughtful design caters to the evolving needs of Rockhampton’s diverse population, especially older residents and those requiring enhanced mobility.

A Visionary Approach to Housing Development

Member for Rockhampton, Barry O’Rourke, expressed pride in the ongoing commitment to bolster the region’s housing infrastructure, citing the delivery of over 130 homes in Central Queensland since 2015.

This project aligns with the Palaszczuk Government’s unparalleled investment in social and affordable housing—a historical milestone encompassing 14,100 homes statewide.

Customised Homes Shaping Inclusive Communities

Minister for Housing, Meaghan Scanlon, highlighted the government’s dedication to crafting homes that meet the nuanced needs of their future occupants.

With over 10 new homes erected weekly, the focus remains on ensuring these residences cater to individuals with disabilities, acknowledging that nearly half of social housing households include someone with specific accessibility requirements.

Building Beyond Walls: Enabling Inclusivity and Hope in Rockhampton

This venture not only addresses the immediate demand for housing but also signifies a profound commitment to fostering an inclusive and supportive community in Rockhampton.

As construction progresses, it symbolises a beacon of hope for a more accessible and accommodating living environment for all individuals, irrespective of their unique requirements.

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