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Caitlyn Jamieson: A Rising Star from Rockhampton State High School

Caitlyn Jamieson: A Rising Star from Rockhampton State High School
image courtesy of facebook | Caitlyn Jamieson

Strumming, Singing, and Shining Bright

Caitlyn Jamieson, a talent hailing from Rockhampton State High School, is shining brighter than ever.

Her journey to stardom is not just a testament to her undeniable skill but also a proud moment for her local community.

A Scholarship Winner with a Golden Voice

Caitlyn, affectionately known as Cait, recently claimed the prestigious 2023 Maccas Golden Gig scholarship in collaboration with The CMAA Academy of Country Music.

Her star power is undeniable, but Cait’s journey is more than just the sum of her accolades.

Born to the Melodies

The world of music has been Cait’s playground since birth, as both her parents are accomplished country music performers.

Growing up, she embarked on musical journeys across Australia, gracing stages at renowned music festivals.

A Melodic Odyssey

Now, nearing her 18th birthday, Cait is crafting her own musical identity and pursuing a promising career in the industry.

She’s a versatile musician, proficient in a multitude of instruments, with a special fondness for the fiddle.

However, her passion doesn’t stop at playing; Cait’s strong suit is songwriting and crafting a unique sound that’s all her own.

Stages and Stardom

Cait’s musical journey has seen her perform at illustrious festivals such as Winton’s Way Out West Fest, the Gympie Music Muster, and the iconic Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Her talents extend beyond the spotlight, as she’s lent her fiddle-playing skills to support various artists, including an unforgettable performance with Brian Letton at the Capitol Theatre during TCMF 2023.

A True Melodic Trailblazer

Cait’s ambition reaches beyond the limelight; she aims to leave an indelible mark on the music industry by staying true to her unique self and forging lasting friendships along the way.

Her heartfelt commitment to her craft is what sets her apart.

Caitlyn’s Future Beckons

Caitlyn Jamieson’s journey from Rockhampton State High School to the international music stage is a testament to her remarkable talent, her unwavering passion, and her Rockhampton roots.