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Boulder Creek Wind Farm Brings Opportunities to Rockhampton

Boulder Creek Wind Farm Brings Opportunities to Rockhampton

Powering Progress in the Rocky Region

Rockhampton, in collaboration with Aula Energy, is set to welcome the Boulder Creek Wind Farm, a major milestone in the pursuit of sustainable energy.

Situated just 40km south-west of Rockhampton, this initiative has garnered both state and Commonwealth approvals, signifying a green light for progress.

Revolutionising Rockhampton

The first phase of the Boulder Creek Wind Farm will see the construction of 38 turbines, boasting an impressive combined capacity of 229MW.

Construction is scheduled to kick off in mid-2024, with preliminary works, including vital road upgrades, commencing earlier.

Economic Boost for the Region

Wade Clark, the Economic Development Manager at Advance Rockhampton, expressed enthusiasm about the potential economic upswing.

The project promises a significant injection into the local economy, with an emphasis on engaging businesses within the Rockhampton local government area.

Local Industry Opportunities Unveiled

Aula Energy, the driving force behind this venture, is committed to fostering local industry participation.

The upcoming Boulder Creek Wind Farm Industry Briefing Session, scheduled to be held shortly, offers businesses a unique chance to learn about the project and explore avenues for involvement.

Networking and Insightful Presentations

Speakers at the session include Wade Clark, delivering a Rockhampton Region update; David Burgess, Aula Energy’s Procurement Lead, and Chris Buller, Project Director at Aula Energy, shedding light on local industry opportunities.

The event promises more than just presentations; it’s a networking opportunity to connect with key stakeholders.

Rockhampton, with its strategic location and commitment to sustainable progress, is poised to harness the winds of change.

The Boulder Creek Wind Farm is not merely an infrastructure project; it’s a testament to the region’s dedication to clean energy and economic growth.

For local businesses eager to ride the wave of green opportunities, this briefing session is a must-attend.

Learn more and register here.

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