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Beef Australia 2024: Calling all Ag-Tech Visionaries for Pitch In The Paddock

Beef Australia 2024: Calling all Ag-Tech Visionaries for Pitch In The Paddock
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An Unprecedented Opportunity to Showcase Innovation in the Beef Industry

In a symphony of innovation and entrepreneurial zeal, Beef Australia invites AgTech visionaries and start-ups to vie for an extraordinary chance to showcase their prowess at the evokeAG Pitch in the Paddock competition in 2024.

This remarkable event is not just a competition; it’s a gateway to unrivalled exposure before industry giants, offering a platform to pitch groundbreaking ideas, prototypes, or innovative services.

The Gateway to Unparalleled Exposure

CEO Simon Irwin underscores the unprecedented opportunity this competition presents to the beef industry.

The event promises a stage where eight finalists will receive expert feedback and exposure to potential investors and business experts, amplifying their prospects manifold.

With past competitions yielding success stories and future investment opportunities for participants, this arena isn’t just about winning; it’s about forging pathways to industry acclaim and growth.

Queensland’s Embrace of AgTech

Minister Mark Furner highlights Queensland’s penchant for AgTech solutions, emphasising the significant benefits reaped by early adopters in the agriculture industry.

The state’s appetite for innovation has been vividly demonstrated through successful events like the AgTech Showcase, underscoring the immense potential for growth and job creation.

AgriFutures’ Commitment to Innovation

AgriFutures’ General Manager of Global Innovation, Harriet Mellish, emphasises the pivotal role such initiatives play in propelling agricultural innovation.

The collaboration between Beef Australia and AgriFutures underscores their joint commitment to nurturing agrifood tech startups, ensuring Australia’s lead in embracing, developing, and exporting groundbreaking agricultural technologies.

Seize the Moment

Applications for the evokeAG Pitch in the Paddock competition are now open! Aspiring participants can submit a concise video detailing their target audience and the market potential of their innovative solutions. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to step onto a stage that could redefine the future of the beef industry. Apply now and be part of this transformative journey towards a sustainable and innovative agricultural landscape.

For more information and to apply, visit or contact Beef Australia at Join the league of visionaries shaping the future of agriculture!