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Barra Season 2024 Unveiled on the Mighty Fitzroy

Barra Season 2024 Unveiled on the Mighty Fitzroy
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Reeling in the Excitement

Barra enthusiasts, the moment you’ve eagerly awaited is here – Fitzroy (Tunuba) is calling! The 2024 barramundi season officially began on Thursday, 1 February, promising months of thrilling angling pursuits until the stroke of midnight on 31st October.

The Fitzroy River, home to some of the world’s finest barramundi fishing, is set to lure enthusiasts from near and far.

Mayor Williams’ Optimistic Outlook

Mayor Tony Williams proudly declares that each season witnesses a surge in trophy barramundi over the coveted one-metre mark.

With optimism, he looks forward to what 2024 holds, showcasing the region’s unparalleled barra fishing charm.

A Regional Allure

Rockhampton Region aims to entice visitors, aligning with Australia’s fishing tourism boom. Mayor Williams asserts, “We know that Australians take 5.6 million trips a year, and over 80 percent of those are choosing regional areas.”

The goal is to have them choose Rockhampton, contributing to the substantial $670 million in expenditure associated with fishing tourism.

Fitzroy’s Allure – A Tourism Magnet

Zac Garven, Advance Rockhampton Tourism and Events Manager, emphasises that fishing the Fitzroy remains a major drawcard for visitors.

With over 300 days of sunshine and above-average winter temperatures, Rockhampton stands as an appealing destination for anglers of varying skill levels.

Sustainable Fishing Practices

Acknowledging the significance of sustainability, Rockhampton introduced the Recreational Fishing Voluntary Code of Practice in 2015.

This initiative ensures positive ecological outcomes and contributes to the preservation of barramundi species during the closed season, from November to January each year.

As barra enthusiasts embark on an adventure along the Fitzroy, Rockhampton proudly invites them to be part of a sustainable and memorable fishing experience in 2024.

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