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An Urgent Call for Crocwise Behaviour in Rockhampton

An Urgent Call for Crocwise Behaviour in Rockhampton

Social Media stirs concerns in Rockhampton

Wildlife officers in Rockhampton have issued a stern warning to the public after alarming social media videos surfaced, showing a large crocodile consuming a small shark.

The footage has sparked fears that the animal might have been deliberately fed, posing a serious risk to public safety.

Investigating the Suspicious Timing

Wildlife officer Alexander Peters expressed concern over the suspicious timing of the video, suggesting a potential link between the deceased shark being in the water and someone ready to film. 

Authorities are investigating if this is a coincidence or if people are deliberately feeding crocodiles for social media likes.

The Dangerous Consequences of Crocodile Feeding

Deliberately feeding crocodiles is not just irresponsible; it’s also perilous.

Wildlife officers emphasise that such behaviour can lead to crocodiles associating humans with food, increasing the risk to unsuspecting individuals.

Previous incidents have demonstrated altered crocodile behaviour, making removal necessary for public safety.

Legal Consequences and Reporting

Feeding crocodiles in the wild is an offence under the Nature Conservation (Animals) Regulation 2020, with a maximum penalty of $6,192. 

Authorities urge anyone with information to report it promptly by calling 1300 130 372. The public is reminded that safety in Croc Country is a personal responsibility, especially in Rockhampton.

Crocwise in Rockhampton

Rockhampton, known as Croc Country, demands a heightened awareness of crocodile interactions.

As wildlife officers investigate, the public is encouraged to be vigilant, report sightings promptly, and adhere to the Crocwise guidelines.

It’s a call to action for residents and visitors alike to ensure a safer coexistence with the unique wildlife of this Australian region.