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Addressing Rockhampton’s Housing Challenges: A Call to Action for Local Leadership

Addressing Rockhampton's Housing Challenges: A Call to Action for Local Leadership

As Queensland kicks off early voting, Q Shelter, the state’s top housing and homelessness body urges mayoral and councillor candidates across 77 local government areas to adopt proactive measures for Rockhampton’s unmet housing needs.

Central to this effort is each council’s role in strategic housing supply, partnerships with community housing providers, and solutions to homelessness.

Council’s Crucial Role in Housing Solutions

Fiona Caniglia, Q Shelter’s Executive Director, emphasises the interconnected role of each government tier in facilitating housing supply, diversity, and affordability.

Local governments, she states, engage with people at every point of the housing crisis, managing public spaces, enforcing regulations on short-term rentals, and providing front-line contact with the homeless.

Insights into Rockhampton’s Housing Landscape

Drawing from Queensland Government statistics, Rockhampton faces unique challenges: a lower annual growth rate, a higher percentage of people in the most disadvantaged quintile, and an increased demand for social housing.

Additionally, the city witnesses a higher number of people accessing homelessness services compared to the state average.

Strategic Planning for Effective Solutions

Caniglia stresses the importance of local government planning schemes and measures in successfully implementing housing supply strategies.

She suggests fast-tracked approval processes for social and affordable housing projects, aligning land supply and housing targets with population projections, and further regulating short-term rentals.

Local Innovation and Partnerships

Highlighting Queensland’s local government’s leadership and partnerships with community housing providers, Caniglia proposes discounts on development application fees and infrastructure charges for social and affordable housing projects.

As Queensland’s housing challenges persist, Rockhampton’s local leaders are called upon to adopt innovative, integrated strategies to address current and future housing needs.

Q Shelter remains open for discussions on housing and homelessness solutions as local governments gear up for 2024.