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A Paws for Retirement: PD Sacco Bids Farewell to 7 Years of Stellar Service

A Paws for Retirement: PD Sacco Bids Farewell to 7 Years of Stellar Service
Image courtesy of Facebook | myPolice Rockhampton Region

A Canine Legacy in Rockhampton

In a heartfelt farewell, PD Sacco, the loyal police dog, concluded his remarkable seven-year career with his last operational shift on New Year’s Eve.

The city’s esteemed K9 member, Sacco, is leaving behind a trail of commendable service and wagging tails.

Faithful Service and Fond Memories

PD Sacco, who has been an integral part of the Rockhampton Patrol Groups, bid adieu with no dog jobs ahead but basked in the attention of the Rockhampton Crews.

The sentimental occasion captured Sacco’s final moments in the OIC Office and Shift Sgt’s desk at North Rockhampton Station, where he posed for a picture to commemorate his service.

Capricornia District’s Beloved

Sacco’s departure marks the end of an era for the Capricornia District, where he served diligently, winning hearts and solving cases.

Many clients from the region express their joy for Sacco’s well-deserved retirement, reminiscing about the four-legged officer who left an indelible mark on the community.

A Well-Deserved Retirement

As PD Sacco heads into retirement, he plans to indulge in a couple of sneaky cheeseburgers alongside his handler, Sgt. Brandt. Sacco’s career, characterized by unwavering dedication and loyalty, has been a beacon of support for the troops of the Rockhampton Patrol Groups.

Statistics at a Glance

  • 7 years of faithful service
  • Numerous successful operations in the Capricornia District
  • Countless solved cases and satisfied clients
  • Unforgettable moments captured at North Rockhampton Station

A Lasting Impression

PD Sacco is saluted for his service and the notable legacy he leaves behind.

His paw prints are indelibly etched in the history of Rockhampton‘s law enforcement, and he will be dearly missed.

The community wishes him a retirement as splendid as his career, filled with joy, relaxation, and perhaps a few more cheeseburgers.