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A New Chapter at Rockhampton Hospital

A New Chapter at Rockhampton Hospital
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Rockhampton Hospital has recently strengthened its obstetrics and gynaecology team with the addition of Dr Shavi Govender, a highly experienced Specialist Obstetrician/Gynaecologist.

Dr Govender’s arrival marks an exciting development for the hospital, promising enhanced care for women and families in the region.

A Warm Welcome to Expertise

Dr Govender completed her medical studies at the University of Natal Medical School in South Africa in 2003 and gained Fellowship of the Colleges of Obstetrician Gynaecologists in South Africa in 2010.

She brings 14 years of private practice experience to her new role in the public health sector. Reflecting on her transition, she expressed, “I couldn’t have chosen a better place.

Every single person I’ve met since I’ve been here has embraced me, the medical staff, midwives and nurses, admin, cleaners, everybody has a heart. It’s amazing.”

A Passion for Women’s Health

With a lifelong passion for obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr Govender’s career choice was clear from her early medical school days. “It is most satisfying when you can make a difference in somebody’s life.

It doesn’t have to be a big thing, it can be as small as having a chat with someone, or as big as surgery,” she said. Her dedication to patient care aligns seamlessly with Rockhampton Hospital’s mission to provide comprehensive and compassionate healthcare.

A Personal Touch

Outside her professional commitments, Dr Govender enjoys fishing and reading, with Dr Seuss as her favourite author. Her enthusiasm for both her work and personal interests adds to the vibrant community at Rockhampton Hospital.

The addition of Dr Govender signifies a positive step forward for Rockhampton Hospital, enhancing its ability to deliver top-notch care. Rockhampton Hospital welcomes specialists like Dr Govender to continue their commitment to excellent healthcare services.